Lisa Mednick Powell


Hi Lisa, please email me at I'm moving to France and have some copies of your Dejadisc CD and want to see if you want them.
Where do we sign up to resist?
Thanks for sharing your gift with the world!
If you ever have a video of a live performance of Sad Louisiana Waltz, please post it on YouTube. I would like to include it in my blog about Louisiana waltzes -
CD is on back order. I'm getting mine! Yes, I read your post too. Love, and happy End-of-2017-Could-2018-Possibly-Suck-More
Congrats! Your singing is so beautiful. And lyrics brilliant.
Just to let you know-I read it! Lisa, I feel like a fool, but I cannot figure out how to purchase the new cd. I went to both sites and couldn't find the new cd or how to buy it. My age must be catching up to me. Congratulations and best of luck with the cd. I am so proud to be your cousin! Love you to the moon! Janie
How do I order the CD??